It’s Only Awkward if No One Participates

Imagine yourself in a video chat with your professor and classmates. The professor poses a question. Then, silence. No one offers thoughts in response - it's as if everyone is waiting for someone else to answer or they're unsure about how long is "too long" to wait before speaking. Maybe someone offers a one or... Continue Reading →

NMU Online MLT-MLS Degree-Completion Program Paves the Way to the Future of Laboratory Medicine

"I think the hardest part about being a tech is handling when things don’t go as planned and that’s what this program prepares you for; the things you’re not expecting." - Dan Shepeck, Current Laboratory Medicine (MLT-MLS) Student, Escanaba, Michigan Northern Michigan University's laboratory medicine (MLT-MLS) online bachelor's completion degree is an extraordinary opportunity for... Continue Reading →

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