Self-Care = Less Burnout

Self-care is your best weapon against burnout. Mind your mental and physical fitness throughout each semester. The more you’re in tune with how your emotions and body react to stress, the better you’ll be able to identify when you need to take a step back and hit the reset button. Here are some tips to help find harmony in the chaos of your busy life:

When you feel yourself getting close to your breaking point, don’t push it. That’s the signal that you’re riding on ‘E.’ Take an evening off from studying, go for a run, read a book for fun, unplug. Take a short bit of time to reset.

If you’re used to studying in the comfort of your own home, mix it up and set up at a coffee shop for an hour or two before work. Maybe your work and family schedule allows for a couple of days off from work. Go somewhere overnight and plan to study there.

What do you want to do with your degree? Focus on how this degree can help you and the others that you interact with at work. Learning while critically thinking about how the lessons can impact others can be a great motivator and steer your mind from letting you slip into a seemingly monotonous routine.

Run, walk, bike, swim, yoga. Get up, get moving, and refresh your well-being. Often, exercise increases energy and can improve sleep quality.

Make a conscious effort to look for the good in each day. Staying positive, especially when you’re nearing burnout, can help keep it at bay. Remind yourself why you’re pursuing your degree and think of who’s inspiring you. Did your schedule line up just right today so that you felt accomplished? Spread goodness around you – pay for someone else’s coffee in the drive-thru, compliment a classmate on their discussion post.

Unplugging doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on a vacation to a remote island in the Caribbean – although that would be nice this time of year! Leave your phone in a room other than where you sleep at night. You won’t hear when a call or text comes in, and you’ll be less likely to check your email when you wake up at night or first thing in the morning. After you’re done with schoolwork for the day, close the door to the room where your study space is set up (out of sight, out of mind). Make intentional time to spend with family and friends and leave your phone in the car while you’re out.

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