Pre-Admission Plan of Study

Whether you have prior NMU credit or are transferring college-level credit from a different institution (or many for that matter), you can receive an unofficial degree evaluation from the NMU Global Campus before you even apply. You'll receive an estimate of how many credits remain to complete your degree and how much time it's likely... Continue Reading →

Confronting the Imposter Within

Imposter syndrome or the imposter phenomenon reflects a belief that you’re incompetent or incapable despite demonstrating skills and abilities that prove otherwise. Sound familiar? Returning to college after several years away from the textbook grind can intensify these feelings. Although they don't try to let on that this doubt is burrowing deep within, it often... Continue Reading →

Self-Care = Less Burnout

Self-care is your best weapon against burnout. Mind your mental and physical fitness throughout each semester. The more you're in tune with how your emotions and body react to stress, the better you'll be able to identify when you need to take a step back and hit the reset button. Here are some tips to... Continue Reading →

After-Hours Crisis Counseling

Northern Michigan University has partnered with Health Advocate™ to offer students online crisis counseling services outside of traditional business hours. Counseling topics include, but are not limited to, suicide prevention, domestic violence awareness, mindfulness, putting yourself first, alcohol awareness, mental health awareness, and stress management. The service is 100% free to current NMU students and... Continue Reading →

Trauma and its Effect on Learning Part IV: Avoiding Second-Hand Trauma Exposure

This week is the final BYTE of the four-part series related to trauma informed teaching practices. Part four is a review of the literature and high impact methods to avoid second-hand trauma stress exposure when working with those who are trauma-affected, learners or otherwise.  The learning objectives for these pieces include: Define trauma, describe its pervasiveness, and... Continue Reading →

Ordering Textbooks Online

After you've registered for courses there are a few additional steps that will need to be completed prior to the first day of the semester: pay tuition bill and/or set-up a payment plan, complete the Online Course Preparation Tutorial in EduCat (required once before your first semester), and order your textbooks. Textbook Payment Options You... Continue Reading →

It’s Only Awkward if No One Participates

Imagine yourself in a video chat with your professor and classmates. The professor poses a question. Then, silence. No one offers thoughts in response - it's as if everyone is waiting for someone else to answer or they're unsure about how long is "too long" to wait before speaking. Maybe someone offers a one or... Continue Reading →

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